In addition to enabling access to space, Spaceport America has promised to inspire and help prepare the next generation for space exploration and commercialization. We do this by working with educators across New Mexico, and in particular in Dona Ana and Sierra counties each academic year, to prepare and deliver STEM content in and out of the classrooms. Spaceport America partners with virtual education platform providers to make it’s STEM content easily accessible to even the most remote classroom. “What is Spaceport America?” and “Blast off at Spaceport America from behind the scenes of a real rocket launch!” are two of the most popular virtual, interactive live stream field trips at present.

Additionally, Spaceport America in partnership with it’s official tour operator, offer a dedicated STEM tour at a discounted rate. Once the students arrive on site, as many Spaceport America crewmembers as possible come out to interact with them and demonstrate all the different types of people it takes to run a Spaceport.

We want every young New Mexican to have the opportunity to ‘visit’ Spaceport America, either physically or virtually and leave inspired because it is a national treasure playing a historic role in the future of space travel, exploration and commercialization,” said Daniel Hicks, Chief Executive Officer Spaceport America.

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