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Spaceport America, NM – March 29, 2016 – Alongside, his many responsibilities as Director of Aerospace at Spaceport America, Dr. Bill Gutman made the commitment to spend some time each week since September 2015, to interact and inspire approximately 1,979 sixth grade students across both Doña Ana and Sierra counties.

In cooperation with the Las Cruces Public Schools Challenger Learning Center, Dr. Bill provided the sixth grade science classes with a virtual tour of Spaceport America’s mission control. This was followed by questions and answers about the daily running of a commercial spaceport. The next week, the same sixth grade science classes participated in a mission at the new Las Cruces Public Schools Challenger Learning Center.

“These students are what the spaceport is really all about—opportunity for the next generation. It is truly exciting to see the enthusiasm of the students and their unbounded curiosity.”
Dr. Bill Gutman, Spaceport America Director of Aerospace Operations

Since January 2016, Dr. Gutman has visited sixth grade science classrooms to conduct various interactive demonstrations on the basic physical principles of rocket-science prior to the class going on their second Challenger Learning Center mission this academic year.
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