Scott McLaughlin

Director of Business Development, Spaceport America

Scott McLaughlin is an experienced engineer with a diverse background in design and business. He has worked in both the private sector and government and has traveled throughout the world installing, maintaining, and marketing customized wind profiling radar systems. These specialized systems support weather forecasting at airports, weather service networks, rocket launch, atmospheric research, pollution studies, hurricane and tornado research, and shipboard wind measurements. His clients included US research and defense agencies such as NASA, NOAA, DOE, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and major universities, as well as customers in Spain, Taiwan, India, UAE, Thailand, Kuwait, Mexico, and Colombia.

Having worked on both sides of the negotiating table, Mr. McLaughlin understands the difficulties and advantages present in both business and government. As a technical innovator, founder, and executive of a new business unit, he understands the trials and tribulations of small entrepreneurial companies looking for funding while working to “cross the chasm” to make their mark on the world. In working with government at White Sand Missile Range in southern New Mexico, NASA at Johnson Space Center, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Colorado, Mr. McLaughlin embraced the challenge of how best to honor tax-payer funded activities.

Mr. McLaughlin was born and raised in New Mexico. After graduating from New Mexico State University, he moved to Colorado where he established a radar profiling business. He subsequently returned to New Mexico after a more than 20-year absence to continue working and living in the vast and beautiful Chihuahuan Desert. With a life-long love of space and aviation, Scott found his dream job as Director of Business Development at Spaceport America.

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