Microgravity Research

Join three of the top four NASA Flight Opportunity payload launch providers at Spaceport America to conduct your experiments under microgravity conditions. Affordable and efficient payload integration, access to space, and recovery, combined with minimal life-cycle costs and a growing cluster of research know-how, make Spaceport America the destination for suborbital research.

Afford more, fly more

With affordable, 24/7 access to space thanks to 6,000 square miles of restricted airspace – you can definitely fly more. Spaceport America’s partnership with U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range and 340+ days of sunshine and favorable weather conditions provide for consistent flight scheduling. A combination of multiple factors including consistent and affordable airspace access, dry/stable climatic conditions, elevation, atmospheric clarity and a high quality of life – deliver a compelling business proposition.

Flexible Services

Receive the support you need – and only what you need. Out-dated policies don’t dictate your requirements – you do. Our capable in-house teams and our partnerships with U.S. Army White Sands Missile Range and others enable us to meet unique demands and source equipment, materials and capabilities on an á la carte basis..

Rapid, Reusable Recovery

Recover your assets via ATV instead of submersible. Land-based flight-testing efficiently reduces risk of total vehicle loss and shortens reflight cycles. Imagine a launch, recovery, refuel and relaunch within hours, instead of weeks or months.


Enjoy the value of the ‘middle of nowhere’. Minimize public exposure and industrial espionage thanks to the total isolation of our remote locale. Conduct your operations safely and securely, and release information on your terms – or not at all.


Design your own spaceport at Spaceport America and become a part of our leading-edge community of space entrepreneurs. Select your location within our horizontal or vertical launch areas to suit your manufacturing, vehicle or mission profile. Our operations teams will support you as you build-to-suit and scale your operation.

Launch Your Brand

Leverage the Spaceport America brand and global earned media platform, valued at well over 100 million each year. Co-branding, STEM education, and signature event sponsoring opportunities abound once you call Spaceport America home.

New Mexico is All In

Rely on full support of our elected officials. Numerous tax incentives and favorable legislation make our state highly competitive. Our Governor, state legislature and congressional delegation remain fully committed to ensuring the commercial space industry thrives in the Land of Enchantment.

Contact:  Aerospace@spaceportamerica.com to discuss your vision, mission profile and requirements today.

Click to see a map of New Mexico’s aerospace assets

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