Spaceport America recently welcomed approximately 40 Panda digital media employees and business partners from Beijing as part of a Fam (familiarization) Tour of New Mexico in support of the strategic partnership between the New Mexico Film Office and Panda iMedia. According to the Los Angeles Times, The Motion Picture Association of America projects that China will overtake the United States to become the world’s largest film market within the next couple of years.

Christine Anderson briefed the group and shared with them her perspective on the future of the commercial space industry followed by an overview of Spaceport America, including serving as an ideal film location for space, desert set or western films. She was then interviewed by China Central Television (CCTV), the state television broadcaster. CCTV and Panda iMedia reach as much as three-fourths of the Chinese population.

The briefing was followed by a tour of the Spaceport Operation Center (SOC) where Spaceport America Firefighters and other crewmembers engaged with the visitors.  And after a spin down Spaceway 16/34, the group ended their visit with one last photo opportunity on the apron in front of the iconic terminal hangar facility.

Chinese digital media professionals will study film production techniques, such as 3-D animation with New Mexicans as part of a partnership to develop cross cultural and economic ties for the New Mexico film industry to the most populous country in the world.

Irene Ran, Panda iMedia’s North American partner and head of business development and Penny Shen, Chairman and Founder of the group were both onboard to explore the futuristic horizontal launch campus of Spaceport America.

“Spaceport America is an unforgettable place and we have had an amazing visit – thank you” – Penny Shen, Panda iMedia Founder

Christine Anderson
CEO, Spaceport America

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