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Spaceport America, NM – March 22, 2016 – Spaceport America was represented last week at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas to attract filmmakers to our state.

Filmmakers tell us that Spaceport America is the perfect site to shoot or simulate life on Mars or the rugged desert of Afghanistan and the perfect place for an Old Western film set. Why?

· Picturesque, one-of-a-kind scenery
· 360 degree unobstructed views
· Dark night skies, absent of artificial light
· 24/7 Security

Old West movie sets across New Mexico are booked extensively for the next few years, so if you are a member of the film industry keep us in mind!

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We thank you for your continued support of Spaceport America. For more information, please contact me at (575) 267-8500, or by email to

Christine Anderson
CEO, Spaceport America